AFP:US dad sues Japan Airlines after ex-wife left with son

(AFP) – 14 hours ago
LOS ANGELES — A US man has sued Japan Airlines, claiming it wrongfully helped his Japanese ex-wife leave the United States with their son, despite court orders that the child remain in California.
Scott Sawyer alleges the airline and a US travel agency agency knowingly assisted his ex-wife, Japanese national Kyoko Sawyer, take their son Wayne to Japan in December 2008 when the boy was two years old.
“There is a long list of red flags that existed in this case that should have caused the airline and travel agency to do something,” lawyer Mark Meuser told AFP on Saturday.
The companies were “deliberately turning blind eyes to the known parental kidnapping problem endemic to Japan and the warning signals surrounding this case,” Meuser added in a statement.
Japan is the only major industrial country that has not signed the 1980 Hague Convention, which requires the return of wrongfully held children to their countries of usual residence.
When international marriages break up, Japanese courts rarely grant custody to a foreign parent, particularly fathers.
Activists say thousands of foreigners, mostly men, have been barred at some point from seeing their children once the youngsters have been taken to Japan by the estranged partners. Sawyer has not seen his son since his ex-wife took him to Japan more than two years ago.
The lawsuit was filed this week in Los Angeles Superior Court, which in 2008 approved the divorce and granted shared custody of Wayne, who is now four years old.
Sawyer’s ex-wife had been ordered to turn in her passport and to not travel with the boy outside five counties in and around Los Angeles, Meuser told AFP.
But she left San Francisco on a flight to Japan after having obtained a Japanese passport for her son just days prior, Meuser said.
Meuser said there is no law requiring the airline and travel agency to check custody issues on travel from the United States to Japan, but said they should be held responsible nonetheless.
“They should have flagged everybody,” he said. “Wayne has red hair. He’s clearly bi-racial and he’s going to a country known to have problems with parental kidnapping. They had all the warning signs.”
Sawyer’s lawyers said airlines and travel agencies should require parents traveling alone with a minor child to Japan to obtain legal approval from the non-traveling parent authorizing the child’s trip.
US State Department figures, cited by the lawyers, show that 230 cases of parental abductions involving 321 children have been opened since 1994.
Japan said in September that it was seriously considering signing the international treaty to stop child abductions, although officials said it may take time as the nation would need to change domestic laws.
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ロサンゼルス(AFP)は – 米国人男性が不当に彼の日本の元妻は、子は、カリフォルニア州に残っている裁判所の命令にもかかわらず、彼らの息子と一緒に米国を残して助けたと主張し、日本航空を訴えている






活動家はほとんどが外国人男性は、数千人の若者が別居中のパートナーが日本にとられている一度子どもたちを見てからいくつかの点で禁止されていると言う。 元妻は、2年以上前に日本に連れて行ったので、ソーヤーは彼の息子を見ていない。





“彼らは皆フラグが必要です”と彼は言った。 “ウェインは赤い髪をしている。彼は明らかに双方向の人種だと彼は親の誘拐に問題があることが知られている国になるだろう。彼らはすべての警告標識があった。”